With a MA in Interpreting and Translating (CIUTI Accredited) and an academic background in English Philology, Heidi López Neary has over nineteen years' experience working for international companies such as Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Pfizer, Lilly, IBM, Marconi, Samsung, Bombardier, BP, ADT, Hewlett Packard, etc, Government Departments such as the Home Office, the English and Spanish Departments for Employment, international organisations such as FIFA, IFAB, Fairtrade, REDD, IIED-MMSD and the EFLA and translation companies in the UK and abroad.

Heidi is a member of AIIC and interprets on a regular basis at international conferences and congresses, technical committees, European work councils and training seminars, as well as at business meetings and technical audits for international companies and governmental departments.

Translation services for companies in a wide range of industry sectors are also provided.